"We are all frightened. There is no safety without risk. What you risk reveals what you value."

-- Jeanette Winterson

Sweet Crude In the News!

Seattle filmmaker searches for peace in Niger River Delta
September 12, 2006
Cioffi, 44, a professor in Seattle Central Community College's film and video communications department, visited Nigeria's southern coast in August to shoot a documentary on the people of the Niger Delta. She had first visited Nigeria in 2005 when she was hired to film construction of a library there.
Seattle Times

In Post-Production: Sweet Crude

Sweet Crude, a documentary currently in production, is the story of people who are struggling to eat in a land with no more fish, to live with the constant threat of war, to survive, even thrive, if non-violent political solutions can emerge in a hurry. The Niger Delta is in Nigeria; the most populous country in Africa and it is home to the mouth of the Niger River where billions of dollars of crude reside under the feet of a people trying to navigate the complexities of meaningful solutions to the most serious of circumstances. Whether they can succeed is our concern, and it is our responsibility to pay attention to their struggle.

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Sandy Cioffi is a Seattle based film and video artist who has produced and/or directed several films including the critically acclaimed Crocodile Tears, Terminal 187, and Just Us. She has worked with human rights organizations in using video as a documentation and verification tool - specifically providing video evidence during the 1998 Marching Season in Northern Ireland. She documented the Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride in 2003. She has worked with young people extensively as an artist in residence and through the mentor/apprentice film program at the Langston Hughes Cultural Arts Center. Sandy has created media design for live performance at the Annex Theater, Hugo House, The Seattle Repertory Theater and On the Boards. She is currently directing a documentary about the Niger Delta titled Sweet Crude, due to be completed in the fall of 2006. She is also a tenured professor at Seattle Central Community College in the Film and Video Communications Department.

It Is Said...

She's an unfailingly articulate film and video artist with a keenly aware social conscience.

-- Steve Weicking

Seattle Weekly

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